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Always Open Thread

The Unifying of Gravity with Energy (Eric Ashworth)

COVID-19 Thread 6/16/2020 (Steroid Dexamethasone Found in Trial to Reduce Risk of Death in Severe COVID-19 Cases))

‘Million Mile Battery’ Confirmed by EV Battery Manufacturer

Mizuno Technology Inc. Website Published, Company Claims to Lead the Field in Excess Heat Production

COVID-19 Thread 5/5/2020 (Researchers Identify Antibody that Neutralizes COVID-19 in Lab)

COVID-19 Thread 5/2/2020 (Study Finds Correlation Between Vitamin D Levels and Deaths)

COVID-19 Thread 4/24/2020 (Australian Company Claims “Remarkable” Success with Stem Cell Treatment)

COVID-19 Thread 4/23/2020 (Researchers Suggest Temperature and Humidity Affect Virus Spread)

COVID-19 Thread 4/21/2020 (Researchers Report More Encouraging Results using Remdesivir Treatment))

COVID-19 Thread 4/18/2020 (French Doctors Treating with Azithromycin and Zinc)

COVID-19 Thread 4/16/2020 (Report: Clinical Trial Shows Drug Remdesivir Effective Treatment)

COVID-19 Thread 4/12/2020 (French Doctor Reports Success with Anti-inflammatory, Antibacterial Macrolide Drug Therapy)

COVID-19 Thread 4/11/2020 (Turkish Health Official Claims Hydroxychloroquine Greatly Reduces Pneumonia)

COVID-19 Thread 4/8/2020 — Testing of BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guerin)Vaccine as Possible Protection

COVID-19 Thread 4/6/2020 (Australian University Testing Vaccine on Animals)

4/3/2020 (Study: Anti-Parasitic Drug Kills Covid-19 in Lab)

COVID-19 Thread 4/1/2020 (Randomized Clinical Trial Reports on Efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 Patients)

COVID-19 Thread 3/30/2020 (FDA Issues Emergency Use Authorization for Donated Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate, Chloroquine Phosphate)

Rossi and Team ‘Increasing the Energy Density’ of the E-Cat

Claim of Successful Replication of Mizuno LENR Experiment (Desireless)

Lattice Confinement Fusion: NASA Announces, then Un-announces, Discovery of “Potential New Power-Generation Method”

Rossi Shielding E-Cat for Possible ‘Strange Radiation’

Rossi: Sweden and Germany Showing Early Interest in E-Cat

Rossi on Opposition to the E-Cat

Rossi: E-Cat SKL is Not Yet Ready, Still in Prototype Stage

‘Several Agreements Have Been Signed’ For the Commercialization of the E-Cat

Rossi: Skype Testing is With Multiple Companies Around the World (Update: ‘With Potential Customers and Investors’)

Rossi says ‘Client’ is a Potential Global Partner

U.S. Crude Oil Contract Price Turns Negative

Rossi ‘Taking Advantage’ of Coronavirus Period to Improve E-Cat SKL

Validation Report of Brilliant Light Power SunCell: “Plasma Energy was almost Three Times Greater than the Input Electrode excitation energy”

E-Cat 2011 NIH (David Fojt)

Rossi: Third Party Testers are “Clients”

Rossi: Working With Third Party on Skype During Coronavirus Restrictions

Replica Build of a Vacuum Capacitor (Thomas Kaminski)

‘Surprisingly Strong’ Light and Heat from Nanogaps Between Plasmodic Electrodes” (Rice University Study)

“ReGenX Generator for Electric Power Generation and Electric Mobility” (Thane Heins Video)

“EVO Vacuum Capacitor” (Bob Greenyer Reviews Claims of Freel Tech)

Mizuno Analogue Replication MR2.5 Completed

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Reports Progress in 3-D Printed Nuclear Reactors

SOWHAT! – Self Organization Will Hasten Advanced Technology Transition (‘Director’)

Rossi: E-Cat SKL Development Progresses Despite Coronavirus

Live: MFMP Attempting Replication of Mizuno Neutron Production

All Revealed: The SAFIRE Project and Self Organizing Plasmas (EVOs) FAQ (“Director”)

MFMP Live Mizuno Analogue Experiment Running Now

Aureon Energy Website Launched – New Company to Commercialize SAFIRE technology

“Atomic Phoenix: Resurrection and testing of BN2000 Brown Gas Generator” (New MFMP Project)

“Proof the Sun is Condensed Matter and is Enveloped with EVOs” (MFMP Video)

Australian Fusion Company HB11 Reports Breakthrough Fusion Process (‘Laser Boron Fusion’)

“MFMP Hutchison Effect Sample ‘Fracture’ – EVO Witness Marks” (Video)

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