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h1 tagsUNLIMITED Email Marketing Services
The First And Only One Email Marketing Service
Bonus #1: 5 Minute Lead Page Creator
Bonus #2: Super Sign Up System
Bonus #3: Lead Generator Pro
Bonus #4: Follow-Up Email Creator Pro
Bonus #5: Automate My Emails
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Email Marketing Platform for Small Businesses

Quickly Create & Send Powerful Emails.

See How We’re Different, for Free. Free Sign-up.


FREE Unlimited Email Marketing Service


Automate Your Campaigns With Ease

UNLIMITED Subscribers, Lists and Campaigns. High-Impact Email Marketing Campaigns

Turn Customer Data Into Action With Our Native Intelligent Email Marketing Tools



Save Money And Cancel Your Expensive Email Marketing Subscription Service

Automate Your Email Marketing Campaigns With Ease

Supercharge Your Email Marketing Campaigns!!!

Would you like to Skyrocket your Business Success with Your OWN Professional Auto-Responder Account like Never Before in just a few hours from now, GUARANTEED?

No programming knowledge is required to use our service. There is nothing to install. You’ll Be Up And Running Quickly!!!

Simple and easy-to-use email marketing solution!!!

All-in-One Email Marketing Platform For Small Businesses!!!

Create and Send Professional Email Marketing Newsletters in Minutes!

And the most complete & CHEAP & Affordable “AutoResponder” to date!

We Put Top Priority on Email Deliverability! Fully Compliant With Spam Laws, and Industry-Wide Best Practices!

Fully Compliant With Spam Laws & EU GDPR!

Don't Miss Out On This Special Offer...

FREE For Life



Bonus #6: 5600+ Ready To Use Emails

Bonus #7: Targeted Website Traffic

600+ GUARANTEED Targeted Visitors

Bonus #8: Email Marketing Best Practices

30 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee!

You’re Protected by Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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Over 39,000 Small Businesses Trust i-AutoResponder For Their Email Marketing Campaigns

 i-AutoResponder is the only Bulk Email Program along with Mass Email Marketing services which allows it’s users to import unlimited contacts. Other Bulk Email Services would restrict you on number of contacts you can have in your account.

Our all-in-one email marketing tool includes everything you need to create, send, track and profit from email marketing – but it doesn’t stop there. It also includes powerful tools to completely automate your follow up marketing and customer feedback loops too…

Capture & Convert Leads Like Never Before

Features and benefits….

What is email automation?

“Fill-In-The-Blank” Emails

Put Your Opt-In List Building Efforts on ‘Auto-Pilot’

giving your sales team more motivated leads in the process.

Get Your Transactional Emails Delivered…

          NO Hidden Fees!         

As Your List Grows, Your Pricing Stays The Same!

The main reason we have priced this service so low is so it is within everyone’s reach.

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Having a good auto-responder account is ABSOLUTELY Essential to Online Business SUCCESS!!!

Get Create A Responsive Lead Capture Page within 5 Minutes & Triple Your Sales With Your Next Product Launch!

Easily capture high quality traffic and sales when you backup your Email Marketing ad campaigns with high-converting landing pages.

Build, target, and track campaigns with our simplified builder – all-in one Email Marketing Platform.

Grow your business by turning clicks into customers with high-converting landing pages and lead generation campaigns.

What do I get with my “5 Minute Lead Pg Creator System”?

Template Page showing where you can customize.

PhP scripts for administering your Mysql Database.

Search for any member.

Mailing List Manager – Mail all members

Personalization for all outgoing email websites

Combine landing pages with your campaigns to create a complete brand experience for your customers.

You will need to have access to your server to set up a mysql database and most hosts have php installed.

The Super Sign Up System was designed for the beginner in mind.

Even if you’ve never set up your own squeeze page or built your list this step-by-step guide will tell you what to do! It doesn’t get any easier!

Revealed information…

How to set up digital delivery – when someone buys your one-time offer, you will want to deliver the download page to them. This guide will show you how to automatically send an email out to them with and without scripts!

How to set up your template system – there is a logical process in setting up this system. Get 1 component out of place and it can be a headache putting things together. Get it right from the start!

The raw PayPal button code – you will learn which parts of the PayPal code you need to edit. This will set the pricing, item name, the download location and more. Most importantly it will make sure YOU get paid!

How to create your web capture form – every single little step needed to create your first web capture form is illustrated for you. If you’re a point-and-click, do this and do that kind of person, you won’t miss a thing!

and much more…

Putting a system like this together can take several hours even for experienced marketers!

The Super Follow Up System includes..

100 Completely Pre-Written Emails. You don’t have to write one single word and can enjoy the peace of mind knowing a professional copywriter crafted your messages from scratch!

Topic Specific Messages. You get 100 full messages, spread across all 10 areas of an online business that are ready to roll for every faucet of your online business. Just grab the sequence you need and you’re off to the races.

Fully Customizable. Easy message is marked with tokens that show you where to enter things like your name, product name and e-mail address as well as dozens of other “personalized” tidbits to make each message truly unique and customized to you and your business!

100% Plug ‘N’ Play. Just pick the sequence you need for any aspect of your marketing process, customize it and pop it into place for a fast, effective and truly professional follow up system.

Super Fast Implementation – You will never find a way of following up that’s as easy as Follow Up System. You select the sequence that’s right for the function of your business that you need follow up for and you just customize it and plug it in! Nothing could be any easier!

Professional Copy Writing Fees Already Paid – You don’t have to hire a pro copywriter and pay tens of thousands of dollars to them! We’ve already done that for you saving you that huge expense!

Get Results! – These messages are guaranteed to boost your profits or you pay nothing. Nothing could be as simple, proven and guaranteed to work!

Follow This Simple Step by Step Blueprint And Finally, Generate High Converting Qualified Leads That Businesses Will Be Begging To Buy From YOU!

Identify website visitors, qualify leads, connect with decision makers.

This is a concise collection of in depth videos on how to create and build your own frenzy of viral sites, that don’t go over just the basics like the ones out there today.

Yes It’s True! Offline Businesses Will Wave Their Cash In Front Of You, Begging You For High Quality Leads!

Small businesses need to stay on top of the newest innovations to stay competitive: Learn how you can incorporate the latest small-business tech and trends to keep your business efficient and effective.

Time Is Money.

Probably one of the best known cliches ever, but no less true for all that. Time IS Money.

And we are about to show you an insanely powerful way to Leverage Our Time into Your Money.

We’ve spent Hundreds and Hundreds of man-hours building an incredible Lead Prospecting and Harvesting machine for you… All you have to do is turn it on and reap the benefits!

It doesn’t matter what online and/or offline business you are currently running or want to run, if you want to make a lot of sales, you need to get leads – PERIOD !!

Take Your Business To The Next Level!

Generate High Converting Qualified Leads That Businesses Will Be Begging To Buy From YOU!

Identify website visitors, qualify leads, connect with decision makers.

It is no secret that the more leads you can get, the more money you will make.

Here’s How It Works…

  Step 1. You read the questions and fill in the blanks with your answers. In some cases all you are doing is copying and pasting from your product’s sales letter.

  Step 2. You push the Create button.

  Step 3. You view your newly created 21 follow up sales messages.

  Step 4. You copy and paste your follow up sales messages to Notepad and make any adjustments. You could add additional language or just keep the messages the way they are.

  Step 5. You load the messages into your auto-responder system.

That’s it.

The total time to create 21 follow up email sales messages is between 15-30 minutes depending on how fast you can answer the questions.

Create a series of 3, 7, 14 or 21 email follow up messages in minutes without coming up with any NEW content of your own!

Create follow up emails for any product or service regardless of the niche!

Relax your mind knowing that each email follow up message you create will be unique to your product. Your product’s existing sales letter is what makes each follow up message unique starting with the subject of each email!

Create, save, retrieve and update any follow up email series in minutes!

Generate sales using proven cost justification strategies integrated within your follow up emails. Your price will appear insignificantly small and you won’t have to give away the store just to make a sale!

Gain an competitive advantage with product guarantees built right into your follow up messages that will justify the purchase in the mind of your prospects!

Ignite your prospects greed gland with product bonus offers that you will build right into your follow up emails! These alone will make your follow up messages unique even if you are selling the same affiliate product!

Cut through the email clutter and easily keep your product in front of the eyes of your prospects with short, product focused follow up emails designed to push your prospects hot-buttons.

Steer clear of sending “hyped-up” follow up emails that fail to move your prospects to buy!

Save more time and capture more sales using a tool that lets you create, copy and paste 21 email follow up messages to your autoresponder quicker than it takes you to write three email follow up messages on your own.

Experience the true power of follow up autoresponders by simply loading them with compelling email follow up messages doing all the follow up for you without any other effort on your part!

Automatically qualify each prospect with every follow up email that your autoresponder sends! Eliminate tire-kickers right from the start and only deal with folks who are interested in your offer!

Promote an unlimited number of affiliate products using free reports, follow up messages and autoresponders. All you do is drive traffic to your free reports. Then let your autoresponders and follow up email messages do the work of harvesting new sales…All on auto-pilot! In the past this was extremely time consuming to do. Now you can have it set up in minutes!

Buys you time with your prospects without losing mind share as you scout other product offers to send to your list!

Regain lost profits and pocket an extra $3,500 – $50,000 or more in spendable cash profits each year without investing a single dime in ad costs or lifting a finger!

Become a master at following up with your prospects in minutes! No skill, no expensive seminars, no expensive copywriting manuals required!

Outsell, outperform and outdistance your competitors by sending simple, focused, compelling email follow up messages for any product or service you sell!

Learn how to sell more of your product at a higher price by focusing on a single part of your offer! This simple trick even let’s you sell the same exact affiliate product as your competitors and outsell them 3 to 1 hands down! The secret can be found within the template.

Responsive Email Marketing Is the #1 Easiest Way To Boost Your Sales…

Yes, this is a simple secret that most amateur email marketers miss. So they waste their time trying to grow their list bigger and bigger – thinking it is the only way to increase their sales.

There are several basic concepts you need to understand before you get started with writing your emails. You’ll also learn what tools you must have, and how to understand the purpose of writing your emails beforehand.

But the truth is, you can much more easily double your sales by writing a more responsive email rather than trying to double your number of subscribers.

The Step-By-Step Video Tutorials To Writing Your Own Response-Pulling Emails!

As opposed to email newsletters and one-off campaigns that you create and send to a whole list of people in one go, an automated email campaign is set up once and then automatically sent to a particular individual when that person meets a certain trigger.

For example, let’s say you’d like to send an email to somebody when they sign up for an account on your site. This email would welcome them to your brand and show them how to get started. You might provide links to popular resources or offer a discount code for a first purchase.

It would be really time-consuming to manually create and send an email campaign to every person when they sign up; so instead, you set up an automated welcome email that gets sent whenever a new person joins your list.

That’s the beauty of email automation: You set up the email once, and as people meet the trigger you defined, the email will send without any additional effort on your part. It essentially “automates” your email marketing for you.

And when you take advantage of integrating different business systems with email automation, you can brainstorm, plan, execute, and analyze an entire campaign from one system.

It doesn’t get much more efficient than that.

Pre written Email Messages For Autoresponder Series For All Niches

If time or skill makes it difficult for you to have the perfect email series, get pre-written emails in autoresponder campaigns already done-for-you!

Responsive Email Marketing Is the #1 Easiest Way To Boost Your Sales…

Build a responsive list of loyal subscribers that you can mail to any time you like and generate sales from your shopping cart pretty much on demand.

  Completely pre-written.  You don’t have to write one single word and can enjoy the peace of mind knowing a professional copywriter crafted your messages from scratch!

You get full messages, spread across all  areas of an online business that are ready to roll for every faucet of your online business.  Just grab the sequence you need and you’re off to the races.

Fully customizable.  Easy message is marked with tokens that show you where to enter things like your name, product name and e-mail address as well as dozens of other “personalized” tidbits to make each message truly unique and customized to you and your business!

100% Plug ‘N Play.  Just pick the sequence you need for any aspect of your marketing process, customize it and pop it into place for a fast, effective and truly professional follow up system.

Just add in your own subscription form and go! It doesn’t get much more efficient than that.

Create better engagement with your subscribers and increase your open rates and click thru rates.

Web Targeted Traffic is a trusted company world wide and is a legit website that sells targeted traffic.. They deliver targeted high quality real website traffic. That is why more than 75% of our clients are returning clients who already used our service in the past and believe on their quality and professional service.

Whether you are a well-known company or sole online business, Web Targeted Traffic is the most budget friendly way to reach your desired audience, get leads, boost sales, found new customers and generate brand awareness.

They deliver millions of targeted traffic on daily basis to our clients websites. Thousands of happy clients already. There packages are tailored-fit to any business to ensure that specific target audience are reached.

The result will be 100% real visitors who are actually interested in learning more information about a website such as yours! is The Best Rated Website Traffic Seller of 2018 — Read more reviews here!

Check their Certificate of Website Traffic here…

So what are you waiting for? Choose your traffic package today and let us boost your business by sending thousands of real, unique visitors to your website.

We made i-Autoresponder Suite incredibly powerful.

We want to thrive and succeed with Email Marketing because that’s what your customers want, need, and love to see.

You deserve results and we want to prove you can get them. That’s why we’ll let you try out i-AutoResponder for yourself 100% free for 30 days!!

There’s No risk… we want you to get those results – we want you to see just how powerful i-AutoResponder actually is for yourself And if by any random, next to impossible chance you feel this solution is not worth your while…we’ll give you a refund! No questions asked! As simple as that!

It’s so simple! Love It or Leave It!

Privacy Overview

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“No one will ever know that you are using Follow-Up Email Creator Pro because each follow up message is unique to your product!”.

Each follow up email starting with the subject is unique to your product. Follow-Up Email Creator Pro uses proven words and phrases from proven email campaigns to blend with your product’s content for each follow up email.

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